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Guide to Plant-Based Living 

Join the plant-based community and learn how to make eating healthy fun and delicious!

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    What’s covered in the course:


    Part 1 (Chapters 1-2)

    • Determining your why

    • Committing to yourself

    • Review Goals 

    • Do you need an accountability partner?

    • Worksheet: Identify your why

    • Understanding Protein & How Much You Need for Optimal Health.

    • Best Plant-Based Protein Sources

    • Why aren’t all Vegan/Vegetarian foods ideal to eat? 

    • How to know when to say no & an easy rule of thumb to live by.

    • Foods to Beware of!

    • Worksheet: List out your favorite foods 

    • Recipes that you will love!


    Part 2 (Chapters 3-4)

    • Cleaning Out Your Pantry

    • Hidden Chemicals to Avoid

    • Retraining Your Taste Buds

    • Establishing Your Budget

    • Worksheet: Creating a Budget 

    • Creating a Grocery List

    • How to Shop for Affordable Produce

    • Supplements…Do You Need them?

    • Online Resources to Make Shopping Easier for you

    • Eliminating Fast Food

    • Meal prepping for Success

    • Recipes that you will love!

    • Additional Resources: Kitchen Staples, Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables


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